Founded in 1994, the Pleasantville Fund for Learning (PFFL) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides private funding for public education programs in the Pleasantville School District, through grants to teachers, administrators, and students in the District.  The PFFL’s mission is to encourage innovation, extend opportunities, and enhance educational programs in the School District.  Because of the generosity of supporters in the Pleasantville Community and beyond, the PFFL was able to award $44,942 in grants in 2013. The PFFL has partnered on grant funding with other community organizations (BRS PTA, PMS PTA, PHS PCO, Pleasantville SEPTA, PHS FOPA, and Pleasantville AYSO), and is a member of the Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce.


In partnership with PHS PCO, PMS PTA, BRS PTA, Pleasantville Rotary/Oakley Family Fund, Pleasantville AYSO, and Pleasantville SEPTA, the Pleasantville Fund for Learning has awarded 10 grants for the Pleasantville School District totaling $50,318.  The PFFL thanks its community partners, event attendees, and donors for their generosity throughout the year, which helped make these grants happen for our children and our schools.
BRS-Healthy Kids Initiative ($451; funded 100% by Pleasantville AYSO)
BRS/PHS-Under the Sea: Touch Tank Program ($7,500; funded in partnership with BRS PTA)
MS-Multipurpose Room Audio Enhancement Project ($1,833)
MS-Chorus Enhancement Project ($1,424 )
MS-The New Band Room: Technology for the Music Classroom ($3,980; funded in partnership with PMS PTA)
MS-Equal Opportunity Instruments ($2,100; funded in partnership with Pleasantville Rotary/Oakley Family Fund; in addition to monetary grant, 1 violin and 1 trumpet will be donated to M.S. Music Dept. via SEPTA.)
MS-Art Room “SmartBoard” ($4,500)
PHS-21st Century Silkscreen ($1,530; student-submitted grant)
PHS-Digital SLR Cameras ($2,000; funded in partnership with PHS PCO)
PHS-Science, Technology, and Engineering Experiential Learning Lab ($25,000; funded in partnership with PHS PCO)
For more details on each grant, click here to visit the PFFL’s Grants webpage (www.pffl.org/Grants).  









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